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from env touch to curve?

so i just bought an blackberry curve off ebay and i want to switch from my env touch to that. is there a certain fee? i know there is the obvious increased monthly fee but is there a fee just for switching over? it is possible to make this switch without violating any of my contract rules right? i just have to change my current plan? i am currently on my own plan and do not have any other lines or anything like that. also do you know how much i will pay monthly with the curve? all i need is unlimited internet, the smallest amount of minutes, and unlimited text,vid,pic messaging.

Re: from env touch to curve?
Master - Level 3

There is no fee to switch your device and it does not violate your contract. You can either call in to CS, go to a store or do it yourself. If you want to do it yourself you'll need to log in to your MyVerizon account and under the Quick Links column on the left is an option for "activate phone". Select that, enter the required information, select the data plan you want, program the phone and you're good. Follow the onscreen instructions and it tells you what to do.


As far as the plan, you have a couple of options. You can keep the same voice/text plan you have now, you don't NEED to make any changes to that portion what so ever. The data plan can simply be tacked on as an additional feature for $29.99. That $29.99 feature gives you total unlimited web browsing, email access and data for any of your applications. It does not cover text or voice.


So with your conditions, lowest minutes, Blackberry data, and unlimited messaging you would want the 450 Select plan for $59.99 + $29.99 Email & Web for Blackberrry = $89.98.