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internet connections

For the past 2 days I cannot connect to the internet....any ideas what may be wrong???

Re: internet connections
Verizon Employee

Hello kylong61,

I know the Internet is a crucial part of using your phone.  The first thing you want to determine is if the cause is your device or network.  To help determine if it is the network you can check with other Verizon Wireless users in your area to see if their Internet is working.  You can also provide me the city, state and zip code you are located in so I may check the area.  Usually if others Internet is working in your area and there are no alerts advised by me we look into your phone.  You can start by dialing *228 send and choose option 2.  Once the updating is done leave your device on and remove the battery while on and retest once powered back up.  Check your signal indicator at the top of the device to ensure you are receiving a 3G connection.  If no success you can navigating to Manage Connections and ensure Mobile Network has a check mark on both sides and if not tap to add.  Right below you can also tap Mobile Network Options and make sure Data Services and While Roaming is on, Mobile Network says Verizon Wireless and the Network Selection Mode is automatic.  Make any necessary changes and If all the settings are correct and you are unsuccessful please respond with the answers to the above questions and results so I may further assist you.  Thank you


VZW Support

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