locked blackberry

Dear Sirs,

i bought a black berry tour 9630 two years ago through ebay i actually lived in Jordan and once i insert my local sim card which is works with orange telecom i was surprised that the phone was locked and its like another normal device not a smart phone at all.

i contacted the person whom i bought it from but unfortunately with no respond therefore i hoping if you can help me or send me any thing that i can use my cell phone as a black berry or at lease i can use the internet

thanking you in advance

Dina Al-Sayegh


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Customer Service Rep

Greetings from the US Dina. I regret to see that you were sold a phone that is locked, but we are only able to unlock devices that are currently active on a VZW account and meet certain criteria. We are unable to unlock this device now. We cannot guarantee that our phones will work on other carriers. At this point the best option would be to attempt to sell the device online again to someone in the US who has VZW service.

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