my blackberry is dead - i think

my blackberry curve stopped working today....the man at the store said it died.  Is it possible to retrieve contact information from it from the website if I cannot turn the phone on?

Re: my blackberry is dead - i think
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Hello teff! Boy, I’m sure sorry to hear what’s happened to your BlackBerry. You may be able to re-capture your personal data from the phone, but only if you backed it up beforehand. If you were a Backup Assistant subscriber, you may be able to get your contacts from My Verizon. The benefit of being a BlackBerry owner is BlackBerry Desktop Manager. If you used that program, you may still have access to your contacts, calendar, notes and tasks. You can find out more about Desktop Manager here.

Dion M.
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Re: my blackberry is dead - i think
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sometimes bb has battery issues where the device doesn't recognize it

plug your blackberry into a power sourse, then unplug and take battery out, plug back into charger. wait for the battery symbol to come on, then put your battery back in

now if you plug it in and no battery symbol comes up, yah your done Smiley Sad