not receiving emails after changing my email home

I have the same email address, but changed from as my home, to as my home.  Now I do not receive emails on my blackberry.  Not sure how to fix the problem

Re: not receiving emails after changing my email home
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I will try to give you some help.  First, as I understand, you were receiving your email via your Blackberry device.  Then, after you changed your email address from the msn email address, you are not getting your emails?  The first thing I would suggest is to double check your Blackberry email setup.  Make sure you have everything set up for your new server on myquest.  Do I understand your basic email address is the same, but it is being sent via the myquest server?  Perhaps that is were the problem is located, on the myquest email setup.  One other thing you can do is to delete your email address from your Blackberry and then set it back up from scratch.  That might help.  Also, one other thing, what model curve do you have and what Blackberry software version are you running?  Let me know if deleting it and setting it back up helps. 




Re: not receiving emails after changing my email home
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Thanks to the community for your reply.


Its very frustrating not getting email on the device. Did deleting the email and readding the email fix the issue? You may have to manually add the server info in. Are you able to get on the browser on the Blackberry?


Thank you