"*228 all circuits are busy try your call later" "sytem down for maintenance" on my BB Curve

Looks like it's happening again in Sioux Falls, SD at 11:52pm 12/13/10 Mon.  Noticed I'm not getting any Facebook action and checked my browser on my BlackBerry Curve 9330 3G (Brand New) and I can't get anything and my home desktop working okay to get into "My Verizon" here so I assume my home YiFi modem is ok too that I get on my BB.   SO, I checked & cleared all caches/memory and flashed my battery out a couple times for cold boots.   I tried dialing *228 for free activation/programming/roam updating and I keep getting a recorded message something like "all circuits are busy please try your call later" and then some huge error/msg no.   When I try to access "My Verizon" on my BlackBerry I get a black error box stating something like "system down for maintenance" or something like that..... ?????  I'VE NEVER HAD THIS HAPPEN BEFORE.... Although, I have noticed here recently long lag-times where I wouldn't be able to access certain wireless data functions like internet browser, facebook, and a few other applications AND these seem to happen at more "prime time" hours like 5pm to midnight. WHAT'S UP VERIZON? 😕

UPDATE (EDITED) 12:38am Tues. 12/14/10.... Now my BB Browser is working so I am getting Google etc. and was able to sign in there and navigate around.  

UPDATE (EDITED) 12:55am Tues. 12/14/10....BlackBerry Facebook Appl. is working now..... navigating no pblms or delays


UPDATE (EDITED) 1:05am Tues. 12/14/10.... *228 Free Activation & Programming No. is still saying "All Circuits Busy..."


UPDATE (EDITED) 1:06am Tues. 12/14/10.... "My Verizon" Appl. on my BB Menu is still not coming up and shows

                                                                                  "! System Maintenance. Please try again later."



Re: "*228 all circuits are busy try your call later" "sytem down for maintenance&qu
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Sounds like just what it says it is ... system maintenance. Is it back up today?