10.1 update is soon to be outdated...

I can't believe that Verizon still won't release the 10.1 update.  It will soon not matter much as we will shortly be waiting again for 10.2.  Apps can't be updated, some can't even be installed...features not available....yet when I talk to Verizon support they tell me this is a good thing...we test our updates to make sure they work...as if T-Mobile and AT&T don't? 

Verizon wears these excruciating delays as a badge of honor. 

I think it is sign of laziness, let the other carriers test and release the updates, then if there are problems we can address them before we release the update, if we ever do. . . Not even sure Verizon has a testing department for OS updates or if they just cheat off the other carriers that test and release the updates in a timely fashion.

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