update observations

I'm currently downloading the update on a Z10. The process has been going on for several hours. Even though it is not done, I have some observations to share:

1. Even though I have auto updates turned off, this update started very late last night without my consent. It then drained the battery and paused.

2. The unit was not connected to Wi-Fi, so the 1.1G download, and subsequent 1.5G download, are attributed to the monthly data limits. Our company has over 20 handsets in operation. 2.6G x 20 is a lot of data against our plan and will likely result in serious overages.

3. I travel for business quite a bit. Luckily I was home when this occurred. Had it happened while traveling it would have resulted in at least a 1/2 day of lost time attached to a charger in a hotel waiting for the process to finish. It should be noted that the Pause button on the update is not active - the user has no recourse but suffer through.

4. After reading several posts on Crackberry.com, it appears that once the update is installed it still requires significant data transfer and processing time before being complete. Users were not informed. As a result they are interpreting this activity as poor performance due the new OS. It would have been much preferred to receive a message explaining this prior to the update.

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