160+ Char Text

Ok so on the Blackberry Tour I know that it cannot send text that are longer then 160 char but what about receiving them? Does the text just come to the Blackberry as more then one text or do you just not receive it at all?


Ex. The text is 180 char. You get the first text is 160 char and the second text with the other 20 char.


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Re: 160+ Char Text
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That would depend on the phone that is doing the sending.  Here's an excerpt from a text messaging guide published by Verizon (a few years ago but it is mostly accurate.)


"Non-EMS capable handsets can receive Enhanced TXT Messages. Enhanced TXT Messaging features like international characters and text formatting will not be displayed; Inserted media objects will be deleted; Extended length messages will be delivered as multiple segments each up to 160 characters in length. The non-EMS subscriber receiving multiple message segments will be billed for receiving a single message according to the selected pricing plan. The EMS handset sending the message will be billed for sending a single message as well. Note: Some non-EMS handsets will not properly convert an EMS message to SMS. The message received by the non-EMS handset will be unreadable. The sender and recipient will be charged for unreadable messages."


So, depending on the phone doing the sending, and the phone doing the receiving, you may receive multiple messages, you may get a partial message, or you may get nothing, or an unreadable message.