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1XEV to 1xev on BB Storm 9530

For the last 2 weeks, my BB Storm has been swtiching from 1XEV to 1xev.  I am still able to get and make phone calls and SMS messages, but I am not able to receive any other type of data (e-mails, internet, ETC.)  It finally reached the point of me almost throwing my phone off the Brooklyn Bridge in disgust when the president of my company yelled at me for not replying to him. 


Here is what I've been doing to fix it:


1.  Manage Connections --> Turn all connections off --> Turn all connections on.  This works for about 5-10 hours, and then it switches again.

2.  Taking the battery out and putting it back in.  Again, works for about 5-10 hours, and then switches.

3.  Dial *228, press 1.  Did it 3 times, with the first time working, and then the other two times the recording telling me it can't be programmed.

4.  Dial *228, press 2.  Done this, same thing, works for about 5-10 hours, then switches.



I REFUSE to give Verizon anymore of my money for this, so I am not switching phones.  If anyone, ANYONE, can help with this (without going to the Verizon store) please, I'm begging you....


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Re: 1XEV to 1xev on BB Storm 9530

I have the same problems sometimes with my Storm. I was told to take battery off & hold end button for ten seconds & power back up. I also do *228 send & option 2. Hope this helps..........

Re: 1XEV to 1xev on BB Storm 9530

Here is what you need to do. Call 800-922-0204 ask for Verizon's blackberry team after you ask for a tech. Explain the problem, they have been very helpful. You must make this call from some other phone than your BB phone.