3rd phone since July!! And verizon wont help me!
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I had a curve 8330 from Alltel before they merged with Verizon. That was the best phone I have ever owned, in over 2 years I never had to call once about any problem.. I upgraded to the new bold in July and there has been nothing but problems!! My phone keeps going into AT&T's network, and SOS mode, I drop calls ALL THE TIME!! That's if I have service! Calls don't come through and about a little while later I get a voice mail. My husband has Verizon as well and NEVER I mean NEVER has a problem!! I'm so jealous! This is my only phone at home, he works weird hour's and isn't home alot. I also have a 4 month old at home and to think  something might happen and I wouldn't have a phone totally tickes me off! 


Verizon wont do anything to help other than send me a replacement phone every time! I honestly think it's the phone considering my husband has a Droid, and service is NEVER a problem for him. I honestly don't have the $310 to cancel my contract, but at the same time paying $220 a month for 2 phones, one which doesn't work most of the time is ridiculous and pointless to keep paying..


Can anyone on here suggest something for me to do?  


Thanks everyone! 


Oh also forgot to ask, has anyone else's' blackberry shocked them?? I mean literally when you put it to your face or touch if you get an electrical discharge from the phone?? Yea my my baby grabbed it the other day and screamed when it shocked her!!  

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Re: 3rd phone since July!! And verizon wont help me!
One thing you could try is to go into your settings, into network and choose CDMA only. This should at least keep you from going into ATT's GSM network, although I have never had a problem while being in a dual GSM/CDMA global mode.
Re: 3rd phone since July!! And verizon wont help me!
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On your Blackberry, go to Options>Mobile Network.  Come down to Network Techology and change it to 1XEV and save.  That should keep you from going to ATT's network or SOS.