9630 Tour synced with wrong email.

While traveling out of the country, I put my travel companion's yahoo email account into my Tour so he could receive his emails. When I returned home (US) I synced/backed-upped  my phone not thinking about his yahoo account. I have synced removed his email before I realized that my phone is now synced with his email address. When I go to my address book, all of my contacts say "Sync with (his email) I setup and deleted his account through the email setup program, but now even my access to my email setup will not take my password. Anyone ever have this happen?

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Re: 9630 Tour synced with wrong email.
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Try to uninstall both email addresses and go through  the setup of the email address that you would like to have sync with your Blackberry. Hope that helps!

To log in to the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) website, there must be an existing account.  

  1. From the Homescreen, press the Menu button.

  2. Select Setup.

  3. Select Email Settings.

  4. If presented, enter the appropriate User nameand Password(located within the Existing Userssection) then select Log In.

Create a BlackBerry email address
Delete a BlackBerry email address



Create a BlackBerry email address

  1. Select Create.

  2. Enter the desired user nameinto the User namefield then select Next.

  3. Select OK.