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9650 Won't Sync

I bought a Bold 9650 in July.  I have not been able to sync it with my Outlook 2007 since I bought it.  I installed the Desktop Manager from the CD provided.  Says that I must have an internet connection.  I have an internet connection.  I have updated the DM.  I have done a clean uninstall and then reinstalled.  Still have the same problem.  I have been using google sync for contacts and calendar.  But would like to sync my tasks too.  I want to be able to sync my phone with my computer.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: 9650 Won't Sync

Same problem here. My 9650 syned when I first bought it. Now my computer doesn't know it is there. It's making me angry at Blackberry AND VERIZON!

Re: 9650 Won't Sync


To sync information with Outlook I have provided some steps below that may help.


Step 1. Ensure you can browse the web on the PC (verifying a active internet connection)

Step 2. Ensure you have the latest version of Blackberry desktop manager downloaded. The latest version is v6.0. If you don’t have the latest version, it can be downloaded for free at (the site download is recommended over the CD)

Step 3. Ensure the old version is completely uninstalled and restart the PC before installing the new version.

Step 4. Ensure the v6.0 version is successfully installed (restart if prompted)

Step 5. Load the new Blackberry Desktop v6.0 software.

Step 6. Plug in the Blackberry device to the PC using the supplied USB cable.

Step 7 – Ensure that it recognizes the device. (If it does not, try un-tethering the device and completing a battery pull on the Blackberry)

Step 8 – Once the device is recognized, I would recommend setting up the synchronization through the “Organizer”. (Instructions below)

-Select Organizer
-Select the data to organize / synchronize (ex.  Calendar, Address Book, Tasks, MemoPad)
-Click Configure settings
-Select the preferred information (i.e Calendar, Address Book, Tasks, MemoPad)
-Select the application to sync with (ex. Outlook, Yahoo!, ASCII Importer/Exporter
-Select the direction of the synchronization (two way sync, one way sync, etc.)
-Select the preferred options
-Select Finish