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9930 Certain Text Messages Not Received

I am not receiving text messages from PayPal (security log in codes). The problem started when I switched to Verizon and replaced my old BB with the BB9930. Text messages from individuals come through fine. PayPal says "it's a Verizon issue." I do not have any messaging blocks in place. Any suggestions?

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Re: 9930 Certain Text Messages Not Received
Verizon Employee

Hello emhef! Thanks for coming to the Community with this concern. If I understand correctly, you have no messaging blocks in place but are still unable to get security log in codes in the form of text messages from PayPal. To get to the root of this issue, my first recommendation is to check the features on your account to see if you have a Premium Message Service block in place. Since it is a free service, you wouldn't notice it on your bill. If there is none, then the next thing I would recommend is to have PayPal send a message that is not related to security log in codes to see if there are general delivery issues from that source.


I can assist you with both suggestions. If you need my help, please post to this thread again or send me a personal message through this forum. Thanks again!

Re: 9930 Certain Text Messages Not Received

I have the same problem & I have premium message blocked because of erroneous charges on my bill. There should be a way to allow certain SMS's through. Further, I have no problems sending/receiving SMS with Google 466453. I doubt PayPal would be charging premiums for this service. And I'm using Droid X.

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Re: 9930 Certain Text Messages Not Received

PayPal and Verizon STILL have this problem.

Its a vicious circle of them both blaming each other.

I still cant get my account verified.