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Originally Posted by jerry12
The emails that are disappearing is my Gmail
account but not all of them just some of them and just has soon that i close
them they are gone. I have deleted the Gmail plug in and checked the Gmail
account and it is not checked to delete messages its self.The emails that are
deleted from the phone are still on the my computer email. I don't have any idea
what is going on and it will just deleted some of them and not all.

deleted the service books and resent them but i still have the disappearing
emails from Gmail. 

This is a copy of a post i made on CrackBerry about Disappearing Email and it seems to just be Gmail as best as i can tell. There are a lot of people on CrackBerry having the same trouble. I have the new software 7.0 1739 / V7.0.0374. :smileysad:

I have been to the email set up page and check the setting and unchecked the delete syn box and on the phone i have unchecked the email syn box. My email is set up to delete in 15 days and it is Not a low memory problem i have plenty of memory.

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