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AT&T Users Can't Receive MMS Messages from VZW Users?

I just got a new BB Tour, and I am... in love with it.  Except the fact that my friends who use AT&T cannot seem to receive my MMS messages, either videos or pictures.  I tested it with each person I know who uses AT&T, some with smartphones, some with "regular" phones, etc.  None of them got it; however, it said on my device that it was delivered.  


Does this mean they have to go somewhere else other than their text inbox to receive my message? Or... do they just not get it? I read on the AT&T forums that AT&T users are having the same problem with VZW users, though. Which I found fascinating. (Although my girlfriend (AT&T user) is able to send videos and pictures to ME? And I can open them? But she can't get mine? And it's not HER plan, because she was able to receive my pictures/videos with my old LG EnV.)


I can receive and send MMS to any other friend with any other carrier, and they can send it to me.  I have an unlimited plan, etc etc. So the problem is definitely not on my end.


So what's up?

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Re: AT&T Users Can't Receive MMS Messages from VZW Users?

I have a BB Tour also  . . .


Question does your AT&T person not get the TEXT messages either sent via MMS -- It appears that I sent several to someone and they never got them, yet I don't think they have picture capabilities on their smart phone --  only texting because it is a corporate phone. I am also getting a delivered symbol for the text messages I sent via MMS.


We are able to text via SMS are you?

Re: AT&T Users Can't Receive MMS Messages from VZW Users?

I had similiar issues with a friend and Tmo and went to using only BBM to send them messages and they get them no prob. Pin to pin seems to work from carrier to carrier with no hiccups.