Accessing Outlook email without a blackberry server

I have gotten very conflicting answers to this question so I thought I'd try this message board.


I would like to purchase the Blackberry Tour.  I currently have an old Microsoft Windows Mobile phone.  I will be purchasing a data plan with the new phone.  I am with a small company that, for a variety of reasons that I can't change right now, does NOT want to invest in a Blackberry Server at this time.  We all have Outlook Exchange Server email accounts. 


Here's my question:  Is it possible to set up the Blackberry Tour to send and receive email from an Outlook Exchange Server/Webaccess account without purchasing the Blackberry Server? If so, what information do I need from my IT department to set this up?


I realize that I will have to synch my calendar, contacts and such directly with my laptop through a cord and the desktop syncing software.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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