Activating A BB 9930 on a 3G Unlimited Account?


I currently have a 4G phone and my wife has a 3G phone and we have grandfathered Unlimited Data. The 9930 is a great device and with the advent of BB10 is dropping in price.  I am pretty sure (Correct If I'm wrong) I can't activate a BB 9930 on my account.  I'm pretty sure this would be the same situation in reverse of a 3G Unlimited line trying to activate a 4G device.  IE, you use the Unlimited and have to go to the Shared Plans.  But my wife has expressed interest in Blackberry. If I activated a BB 9930 on her account (Current Phone: Droid X) what would be affected?  Would more $$$ be required?  Will this force me into a shared plan?  Will my contract still expire at the time my account currently says?

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