Adding signature to Blackberry Storm

Couldn't find the answer or "Verizon's" page so I came to the REAL people for help :smileyhappy:. I have the storm and when I send a text I want to add my signature on it so it automatically goes out with my text......can anyone help me with that?

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Re: Adding signature to Blackberry Storm
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One way is to do this:   (Hopefully it's the same with your Storm/I have a BB Curve)


Go to Options>AutoText>BB Menu Key>New


Under where it says Replace: type in zz or any keys you want to use as a shortcut for your signature that aren't being used in autotext


Then under With: type in what you want for a signature


Then press BB Menu Key>Save


Go ahead and type an email, pin message, sms, mms, tweet, FB, or whatever and at the end of your message hit  the letters you assigned as a shortcut  zz then the space bar and voila your signature will appear. Hopefully this helps.