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After updating my PRIV, my contacts "swapped" information!

My outgoing texts were not sending but instead would sit in a sort of limbo with the word "Sending" hovering at the bottom of the text box. I did a bit of reading on this website and found a string that referenced the same issue. It was recommended that the person check for updates in the Settings section. I did that and an update was available even though the Verizon text messages I had received said that my device was up to date. I connected to WiFi and performed the update. Within minutes of the update installing, all of the "limbo" text messages went through. I was very pleased with myself until I received a call from one of my contacts at 2:00 who happens to have been a mere acquaintance who quit this place of employment over a month ago. It seemed presumptious of her to call me at such an hour but I am a nurse and stranger things have happened. I did not wake up sufficiently to hit the correct button the phone to answer her call, however, and she did not leave a voicemail. "Oh, well." I thought. I then received a call from another contact whom I have never actually met but had once emailed. It was 6:00 am by now but that is still rudely early. This time I answered only to be greeted by my mother-in-law. This is when I discovered that all of my contacts' numbers have swapped. And the secretary that left over a month ago? Yes, that was actually my daughter calling from college. Now it would be awfully convenient if the secretary's contact possessed all of my daughter's associated contact information and my daughter hers, but that is not the case. And, no, my mother-in-law did not magically obtain all of my email acquaintance's information. So where did these people go and what the he-- happened? I traded one problem for another and am not pleased.

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Re: After updating my PRIV, my contacts "swapped" information!
Customer Support

I'm sorry to hear your having these issues with your Priv. I would be happy to look into any issues. What software version do you have on the device? Did you recently download any other applications?


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