Am I giving up too easily?
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I have a Storm 2 and it is, by far, my favorite phone that I have ever owned.  It does everything I need it to and then some.  I like it so much that I was willing to overlook some of the quirky things that it does.  I haven't had to do that many battery pulls in the three months that I've owned it, maybe six total.  I have had to bring it in for the suspension actuators failing which was fixed in store.  I have been through two of the major BIS outages without getting aggravated.  Yesterday, however, the speaker in the ear piece went out and I am now waiting for my replacement to come in tomorrow from RIM.  It was kind of the last straw for me and I guess I'm looking for talking down from the cliff that I now stand on.  I already have it in my head that if this one comes in and even has the slightest of problem that I'll lose it.  I think this phone is wonderful but enough is enough already.  I didn't buy a phone that I would have to nurse through so many difficult times.  I had an Omnia before this and as much as I hated that phone, I never had to spend so much time taking care of it so it's sort of a wash.


That rant brings up a question because I'm a planner and I'm tired of researching phones so I'll give it what I have:


Droid - Most obvious choice but not sure if I can get over the "tinny" sound that the two models in the store had when I test called my wife on them

Eris - Again, just from messing with it shortly in the store, the on-screen keyboard was murderous to type on.  I'm sure it will be worse after me messing with the sure-type on BB.

Palm Pre Plus - I had a thing for the Pre when it first came out and really like the webOS after working on the SDK but the keyboard is tiny and difficult to type on.  Something I could get used to but I still haven't heard enough good or bad about it to make a good choice.

Devour - Doesn't seem like my cup of tea.  It seems like an underpowered Moto Droid from what I've seen online thus far but could be wrong


That's all I have so if anyone feels like sharing their wisdom on this conundrum, it would be greatly appreciated.

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