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Antenna stays off when device turns on using auto on/off

Ever since I upgraded to OS 6, my Bold 9650 has exhibited several issues, one of which is my mobile network antenna will remain off, even though the device has turned on via the auto on/off settings.  This can be frustrating as it may take an hour or two after the device came on before I realize the phone has been too quiet and hasn't alerted me to any incoming emails or calls.


Has anyone else experienced this? And if so, does anyone know of a resolution to this issue?



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Re: Antenna stays off when device turns on using auto on/off
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As far as your sound issues go, that may just need to be re-adjusted after the software update.  I would manually set them again as loud as possible and retest.  Through the simulator link, click on Phone Calls> Changing a Ringtone on Phone.


Bold Simulator - 6.0 OS 


A recent software update came out to fix a few bugs here and there too.  Please update your software if you haven't done so already. 


Software Update


Hope that helps!