Any blackberry with no data plan

Blackberry are my favorite phones, and I would like to know if I could activate/have one with no data plan. I don't really care about having internet on my phone. Now a days, there is Wifi everywhere. I spent most of the time at my house where i have a laptop available, therefore internet in ''a car'' is not of my interest. Especially if I have to pay $30+ a month.

I'm talking about any blackberry model. The more new it is. the better. like the Q10, i don't like the z10

the one I like would be the tour 9630, any Bold, or one of the Curve's

Let me know that can I do. Im in NATIONWIDE TLK&TXT SHARE 1400 plan, 4 lines(2 basic phones, and 2 smartphones) My brother and my dad that have the 2 smartphones, I think they pay $40+... I only pa 13-15 dollars.

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Re: Any blackberry with no data plan
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No, you cannot activate any BlackBerry without a data plan. However, there was one Verizon model that customers could activate with a $10/month Social Messaging data plan. It's the Social Messaging Ready BlackBerry Curve 9330. You could check eBay, but be sure you're getting that exact model; it should be black and indicate Social Messaging (vs. the regular 9330 in titanium). The data plan could be used for BBM and Facebook, but not e-mail or Internet. I would call Verizon customer service first though and make sure you could still add that plan, if you were to find one.