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Any word on 8330 getting update?

I really want verizon to release the update to the 8330. especially if its 5.0. RIM said theres one and i have a beta. which is awesome. but I would like to have the official release along with thousands of other 8330 users.


or better, give 8330 users the same deal you gave storm 1 users. let us upgrade to the phone ealry or give a big discount. verizon, youd make a bunch of money!


any word on any of this would be greatly appreciated...


(oh and ps sorry to tour users who got left short on the 4.7 os... that hurts)

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Re: Any word on 8330 getting update?
Sr. Member

All compatible devices are slated to get 5.0 before the end of the year, the 8330 Curve included. Hopefully that holds true.