Anyone lose their street voice and screen size on VZ Nav with storm 2... and find a cure for this?

Had my Storm 2 since day one... VZ Nav worked fine for the first two weeks then one day STOPed saying all road names "Take a left on ... then go 2.5 miles on..." grr... many check for updates, uninstall, reinstall, reboots later it still doesn't say roads and now for the past two days only shows half the screen... actually quarter screen half down half over on each side ... makes for a very small screen and the Nav doesn't know the screen size because it loads with full size icons and stuff... It is totally useless in the state... ANY One hear of this or more important know how to cure it?: Should I be calling blackberry or verizon?

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Go to your applications list, select VZ Navigator,menu,then options.  Disable Compatibility mode or enable it. (just do opposite of what set to now).


Give this a try.