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Anything that has todo with the newbad appl is being blocked and read. Do not worry


Don't cave in and use B I N G it's a spywear that tracks all your pages and it's illegal. Just don't us the internet on your phone unless an emergen c!input.action?form_page=2000A


I'm sure they will block me as soon as they read this. But here is a link for the FCC complaint

Also this is Illegal-Microsoft knows they get sued on a constant basis and pay the fines-I guess VZW will have to learn. I know a lawyer who is always hired to deal with Microsoft on classification suits. This is what I filled out on my form

read and learn and do the same. i will contact my lawyer friend tonight he knows all the right people. Shame on you VZ I have been with u for so long and loved you until now if you don't change you are going to lose hundreds of thousands of costumers and you will also lose in a law sit if you try to get fees for people leaving you. Greed what ugly thing hu?



"Verizon has downloaded an application (BING)to my phone without getting my permission The only way for me to accesses my plan and features like internet is if I push an "agree" button to have this (BING) application in the background and then I can use what ever search engine I want All this mess that BING will be a  tracking application that will be able to track what pages I visited. Verizon basically blocked my internet service unless I agree= basically blackmailing me into having spywear application which is breech of privacy and my contract with Verizon wireless possibly Blackberry itself. I believe there is cause here for a class action suit if verizon does not remove this illegal stipulation and funds it's clients for the time they were blocked from services they have already paid for."





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Re: Anything that has todo with the newbad appl is being blocked and read. Do not worry

sorry my keyboard is messed up that's why there are mistakes but I'm sure you get what I mean.