BB 8330 security

I downloaded VZacces so I could use my Blackberry as a modem for my netbook. Since the download my BB now requires me to enter a password to access it. I can receive phone calls but I can't see messages or send any messages. I have called customer services and went by a Verizon store and no one can figure out how to disable the security.

I have gone to Options> Security settings > General settings > Password: it says Enabled and has a black background .

Any ideas on how to disable?

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Re: BB 8330 security
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Have you ever set a password before?  If so, try that password but also try a capital letter first.  You have to enter the password to disable the password feature.  If you never did set a password it is most likely a IT Policy.  However to get rid of this policy if it is not on BES is to backup your phone, wipe it and then restore only the features and programs that you want so as to not bring the IT Policy back in.