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BB 8530 won't load My Verizon app

A few days ago I managed to get the My Verizon app to download to my Blackberry Curve 8530, however, when I tried to run the app it froze up on the loading screen which led to my deleting it and rebooting my device because it was causing the whole thing to freeze.


I have since tried to download the My Verizon app several times, but for some reason I keep getting the following message,


"This download is not supported by your carrier. For more information, please contact Verizon at 18009220204"


Is anyone else having this problem? If so, is there any known way around it?


My home internet is also through Verizon and I really need this app on my phone so I can monitor my internet usage at home without having to go online to do so.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Re: BB 8530 won't load My Verizon app

Im sorry that this doesnt help your problem but maybe i can help later if you can help me. Im about to get a new phone and i was considering the BlackBerry® Curve™ 8530 data package is? Thanks!

Re: BB 8530 won't load My Verizon app
Super User
Super User
Can you use the mobile version of the Verizon website and log in to your MyVerizon account using the BB browser?
Re: BB 8530 won't load My Verizon app
Verizon Employee

Hi JavaBratt,


The Verizon App should be able to go onto your device. The error message is reflecting that the download is not supported seems to refer to an application that is not being able to go on the BlackBerry 8530. Please try these steps below.


  1. Launch Browser.
  2. VZStart page is displayed. Select "My Verizon" from the VZStart page.
  3. Download the My Verizon application.
  4. After download is complete, revisit the BlackBerry landing page.
  5. Select the "My Verizon" icon, created first time application is downloaded.
  6. Click "View/Manage your account".