BB 9930 Bluetooth Pairing Issues with 2011 Prius

I'm having a bluetooth pairing problem with my Blackberry 9930 staying connected to my 2011 Toyota Prius.  It pairs fine and then some time later it will dial randomly or disconnect or freeze up.  Toyota says it is a common problem with the new Verizon Blackberry phones.  Went to the Blackberry forum and there are plenty of posts where the same problem is occuring on a variety of late model autos with the 9930 and no response from RIM. 


Is there a patch out there to address this issue??  Is Verizon addressing this issue with RIM??


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Re: BB 9930 Bluetooth Pairing Issues with 2011 Prius

I have the same problem with my 2011 GMC Yukon Denali (great truck BTW).  I go to make a call and it dials out and connects with the end user but I can't hear them and they can't hear me.  I manually turn off the bluetooth connection on my phone wait for the disconnected from Yukon message and then turn it back on.  Once I get the connected to Yukon message, I can place the call and it works fine.  Then randomly, it'll stop again and I'll go through the same procedure.  It's a pain in the neck (or other body parts)! 


When will Verizon (RIM) have a fix out for this?  I've seen it in quite a few posts on the Internet so this problem seems pretty widespread.