BB Bold 9930 charging problem: battery or phone/software? HELP!

My 9930 began giving me problems about 2 months after I upgraded.  Twice when I have attempted to charge a low (red, blinking) battery with my AC wall charger, the phone will not charge, does not power up after reboot, and has a very slow blinking red light.

The first time, I called customer service, and was promptly mailed a "refurbished" replacement phone.  I installed my old battery and the phone powered up with ease, and was activated without problems.  After two months, this identical problem reoccurred with the second phone & original battery.  I called customer service again, explained the situation, and described the identical nature of the problem.  I was sent a new battery, as the agent felt that was most likely the issue.  I attempted to charge the phone after installing the new battery, and am still unable to use the phone, as it will not gather enough charge to even power on.

I am not super tech-savvy, nor do I use a lot of apps, play games, or listen to music/files.  My use is primarily talking, texting, and occasionally Facebook.  Prior to both of these incidents, my battery had life of up to 3-4 days, which I thought was pretty good, considering all the Bold's upgrades from the previous model.  I have attempted using my old BB charger, and the USB charger to no avail.  I cannot power the device up to even attempt any sort of software update, but to my knowledge, the latest BB software was on my 9930 before it died the second time.

I do not know what this problem could be.  I have read previous discussions regarding the charge of the 9930, but all seem slightly different that my particular problem.  I paid $250 for the phone when my upgrade was available, and don't think I should keep having to deal with this issue every other month on a 'refurbished' phone.  I would be VERY appreciative of any information you phone-savvy BB users might have for me!  For now, I'm back to my old Tour, which runs like a dinosaur....LOL.  Thanks!

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If it's not the BB and not the battery, I would suspect that there is something wrong with your OS (or maybe a 3rd party app). Try deleting your apps in the reverse order you loaded them until the problem is resolved. If you still have the problem, I would recommend you download the OS to your PC, back up all settings with BB Desktop Manager, back up all 3rd party apps with BB Swiss Army Knife, and reload your software via your PC. If you originally installed the OS via OTA, it usually causes problems. Good Luck!