BB Desktop Manager hangs when launching the Media Manager

I have Synchronized successfully and done a successful back up of my BB Tour using the BB Desktop Manager. Each time I launch the synch is successful. I do not need an update of BB Desktop Manager. I have a Device connected (PIN). However when I select Media from the Main Menu, then select launch of the Media Manager, the BB Desktop Manager immediately grays out and about three seconds and then Roxio Media Manager tries to load and disappears in three more seconds. The BB Desktop Manager is still grayed out. I call up Vista Task Managers and it says that BB Desktop Manager is running (does not say "not responding") but nothing is happening regarding the hung BB Media Manager. I am running Zone Alarm Firewall. I have accepted every executable that has come up using the BB Desktop Manager. I do not believe I have an issue with permissions as I have stopped my firewall and still no luck. I have Roxio RecordNow 9 Music Lab installed on my computer. I have used the Audio application but have never used the My Media Manager. Nothing is located there when I click on My Media. Nothing happens when I click on the Roxio My Media Guide from the Roxio main menu.


I have no idea where to go. I am in hopes that someone reading this forum post may have an idea what my issue is.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read the post and I will for sure relay the results of any suggestions anyone has.

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Re: BB Desktop Manager hangs when launching the Media Manager
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The issue you're having is that Roxio blows for a media manager. Especially on Vista.

What exactly are you trying to load up to your Berry? We'll see if we can find another way to do it...

Re: BB Desktop Manager hangs when launching the Media Manager
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Agreed.  The Roxio program does not work very well on my PC with Microsoft Vista.  I load my music directly via Mass Storage.  It is just faster for me.