BB Storm 2 Bluetooth tethering to Archos 101 Tablet

I have the Mobile Connect service on my BB Storm 2.  Is it possible to tether my Storm 2 to my Archos 101 tablet.  The ARCHOS bluetooth tethering instructions below require DUN with APN name or PAN support.


ARCHOS instructions for setting up tethering

Now that your ARCHOS and phone can talk to each other, it is just a matter of telling the ARCHOS (only once of course) what the name of your phone’s data service is called.
1. On the ARCHOS, go to Menu > Settings > Wireless & Networks > Cell phone tethering and select Bluetooth, then select the device that you want to use for tethering (the phone you paired with above).
2. Select the connection type DUN (Dial-up Networking -- older less used standard) or PAN (Personal Area Network -- newer standard).
3a. DUN: Type in the Access Point Name (APN) that is used for your telecom operator. You can usually find the APN name in the documentation with your data plan or on the FAQ of your telecom’s web site. Each telecom company has different APNs and can even have different APNs for different data plans. If your telecom operator has not given you a username and password, then do not enter anything on the following screen.
3b. PAN: This method needs no further settings.
4. Now, anytime that you want to connect to the Internet, go into Menu > Settings > Wireless & Networks > Cell phone tethering and turn on the option Tether. Alternatively, you can turn tethering on/off via the power control widget. You can now use the web browser or other application that requires an Internet connection.

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