BB Storm & BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express (BESX)



I have a problem with 4 users on Verizon, and connecting to our BESX server.  The plan the users are on is the $49 'unlimited' data plan.


Originally we had BES and the users were fine but after migrating to BESX and although we didn't change the plans, they are unable to Activate.  We've tried the traditional BESX method (cable plugged into the users computer & their BB, using the BB Web Desktop software) and also wireless activations.


The issue is that after attempting to Activate, no data gets through to the device.  The initial BES Activation message is received by the user in their Outlook, but no PIN message gets to the device.  If we attempt to send a PIN message following Activation,it is not received.


Even more interesting is that after Activation the user is unable to browse the internet from their device until it is wiped.  From our BESX server, no notification of Activation is reported.


I'm hoping there is a Verizon representative or BlackBerry user who has also experienced this issue and can assist in some troubleshooting.


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Re: BB Storm & BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express (BESX)
VZ Employee Emeritus

I am sorry your experiencing issues with 4 users connecting to your BESX server. I am sending you a private message requesting additional information to address your issues.


Thank you