BB Storm died?

Help - not sure what happened to my Blackberry Storm - it apeared to try to reboot itself and wouldn't come back on.  I tried removing the battery and soft boot, but no luck.  Tried to reload software from desktop manager and wouldn't recognize a connection.  Finally, the screen indicated "Reload Software: 507"   Any suggestions?

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Re: BB Storm died?
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Use Blackberry Desktop Manager(BDM)  to reload your Operating System (OS).  That error is sometimes referred to the "screen of death" if you remember Windows 95 and 98.  When you connect, BDM may not recognize your device.  That's ok, you can go through the process and it should load the software.  Once you get it loaded, add your apps one at a time.  More than likely, it was a recent app that you added that caused the software glitch.  Also, if you get stuck, Blackberry Swiss Army Knife is an software program for your computer that can help reload your software too.  Google search for that and it might come in handy.