BB Storm2 Gmail issue

I have 2 gmail addresses. I have successfully set-up my first gmail account with no issues, but I cannot set-up my 2nd one.

It says invalid password but is impossible because I have now changed it 3x in the last 5 minutes and it still will not accept it.


Anyone think they can help me, this is getting very frustrating. As a matter of fact when I programmed this phone last night it accepted BOTH of my gmail accounts, but when I powered it up this morning it says to validate this 2nd account......errrrrr

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Re: BB Storm2 Gmail issue
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Try this Go to E-mail Settings icon on your home screen. Login using the user name and password (if password used during initial setup).  Go to Email Accounts under services and select Add An Email Account to integrate your email ID. Let me know if this works!