BB Tour 9630 latest update..... issues?

Before I update to the latest software, I want to ask if there have been any known issues to the new update.  I went through MONTHS of issues on the last update and had to downgrade to the software prior to that one.  So, before I go through any more issues I want to make sure there is no problems with this one.  Has anyone here heard anything??



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Re: BB Tour 9630 latest update..... Issues?
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As far as the testing has been done it has done nothing but improve the phone and resolve other issues. The key points for this update are as listed:

Key Advantages:

  • Push to Talk - Multiple enhancements to Push to Talk calls, contacts, and audio performance
  • Messaging -Open voice mail messages from the text message application with no issues
  •  Trackball Response -Is no longer affected by launching Push to Talk while web browsing
  • Push to Talk key responds when receiving Push to Talk calls
  • Push to Talk alert tone responds faster
  • Improvements to audio when placing a phone call while using a headset
  • VZ Navigator "Say It" menu has been improved

  • Hope this helps. 


Re: BB Tour 9630 latest update..... Issues?

I guess I would respectfully disagree with Zachary's assessment of .732.  


My bluetooth connection with my Acura TL is far worse than it was with prior versions of 5.0 and 4.7, causing mangled connections and improper operation of the integrated phone application that never occurred previously.  Other phones pair beautifully with the TL.


After being escalated up through the VZW support structure and to Tier 2 support at RIM, the only solution that could be offered was to go back to the prior version.