BB Tour 9630 v5.0.0.732 re-boot issues

For the past several weeks my Tour re-boots automaticaly especially after opening SMS tx or Email msgs. Yesterday it did this 3 times in a matter of 15 minutes. It will do it about 3-4 times per day. The screen goes black, the hour glass appears, the indicator light goes red for about 20 seconds,  the Blackberry name/logo appears on black screen and a status bar appears which then takes about 3-4 minutes to complete, then my home screen comes back and it runs a "Verifying Security Software" process which only takes about 15 seconds. Sometimes when I send an em msg or txt msg I will get a sent confirmation but then it will re-boot and after the re-boot the msg will then show as failed. WHATS GOING ON??? Anybody else experiencing this?

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Re: BB Tour 9630 v5.0.0.732 re-boot issues
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Try to perform a handheld wipe to your device to prevent your device from re-booting after sending messages. Follow the directions below:

Warning Performing this procedure disables all data services (web browsing, email, etc.) and removes all data (passwords, contacts, etc.) from the handheld. Before clearing the handheld, ensure there is a recent backup of the data.


  1. From the Homescreen, press the Menu button.
  2. Select Optionsthen press in on the trackball.
  3. Select Security Optionsthen press in on the trackball.
  4. Select Security Wipethen press in on the trackball..
  5. Select the data to wipe.

Note The data is selected if a check mark is present.

  • Email, Contacts, etc.
  • User Installed Applications
  • Media Card 
6. Enter blackberry, select Wipethen press in on the trackball.


    Re: BB Tour 9630 v5.0.0.732 re-boot issues
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    I agree with Morgan on this issue.  It sounds like you have some corrupt data on your device.  It happens from time to time, usually from an app that was installed recently on your device.  Back up your contacts and calendar events so you will have that information before you perform a security wipe.  Afterwards, let us know if you still have problems.