BB Tour - Do I need Mobile Connect?

I'm a little confused about what I need when I order my BB Tour as far as a data plan. I am planning to buy one for me and my wife and will primarily use it to comm w/ her. I have reviewed the plans as much as I am able to. It's a bit ridiculous this stuff isn't more clear. Maybe best I visit a VZW store.


For internet browsing on the BB device do I need to purchase the extra Mobile Connect Plan? It's somewhat vague as to what that feature is really intended for. It appears it's for when using the device as a modem connected to a notebook or something similar.


My thought is to purchase the unlimited BB Nationwide Email & Messaging plan but will that get me internet access? If it does get me access and I opt to go for one of the "limited access" plans (i.e. 1350 minutes) instead of unlimited does internet access time count against the airtime limit? Am I restricted to a set amount of data?

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Re: BB Tour - Do I need Mobile Connect?
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I can understand how it could be confusing when selecting plans.  I just started a new plan with VZW.  I have 3 Blackberrys and I selected the Family Select 1400 plan for 3 lines at 129.98.  I then added the Blackberry email and data plan to each line for 30.00 bucks each.  That was it...that was all I needed for all 3 Blackberrys to have 1400 minutes to share, unlimited txt, picture, video messaging, share 10 Friends and Family numbers, and unlimited data usage on each for email and web browsing.  I hope that clears it up a little.