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This morning I accidentally selected the the option to make an emergency call rather than unlocking my phone via password.  I immediately terminated the call, but have been unable to make/receive calls, browse the web, send text  or email etc.  I tried powering the phone on and off, removing the battery, and turning my network connections on and off (tried all several times) and nothing has worked.  My phone has been like this for 6 hours now.  A review of the BB guide stated the emergency call mode would disable once I made an outbound non emergency call, but his obviously didn't work.  The other portion of the guide said the phone normally resets after a few minutes.  Any ideas?

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Re: BB Tour: Emergency Call Mode Only
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Try to perform a soft reset and a PRL update. When your device is powered on, remove the battery, wait about 30 seconds, then place battery back into device and power on. Once your device is powered on, dial *228 option 2 when prompted to update your device. 

Hope this helps!

Re: BB Tour: Emergency Call Mode Only
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Here is some additional information if you are still unable to use your device.

If your BlackBerry® device is connected to a CDMA network, when you end an emergency call, your device enters Emergency Callback Mode.


This mode enables the operator to call you back or determine your approximate location. Emergency
Callback Mode is active for five minutes or is canceled when you make a non-emergency call.


***Since you have already tried to make a non-emergency call, and it is still not disabling the emergency mode, try calling your voicemail box (*86 send) and go as far as checking your messages. This should disable the Emergency Callback Mode.


I hope this information helps.