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BB Tour Rebooting While Travelling in Turkey

Where is the value-add in having upgraded (should that be downgraded) to BB Tour.  Did this so I could travel and have connectivity w/o issues.  However, since landing in Turkey two days ago, the BB just keeps rebooting itself (very quickly displays an error which I cannot trap or log).  I tried all the following, but problem still exists:

  • Removed battery
  • Used BB Desktop manager to remove Facebook (thought that was causing probs)
  • In the Mobile Network Options under Connections Manager, turned off Data Services, tried changing to CDMA (no such service in Turkey)
  • Finally just turned off all Radios, BB stay on w/o rebooting.


Now the BB Tour is just a big bulky alarm clock, cannot email, BB Message, Browser or any of the real reasons why I upgraded to BB.  Glad I decided to bring laptop, at least I can get email & messages when back at hotel.

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Re: BB Tour Rebooting While Travelling in Turkey

I have experienced the same problem. I have been able to make it work and finally have a functioning phone while I am in Turkey.


I called support and they told me the usual - do a battery pull, and if that doesn't work, reset the device. I did both of these, but I don't think either solved the problem.


Then, I switched to 2G and the phone works flawlessly. Everytime I try hopping on a 3G network though, the rebooting issue returns.


Two days in Istanbul and my phone has stayed on Vodafone 2G (EDGE) and functioned flawlessly.

Re: BB Tour Rebooting While Travelling in Turkey

Same problem here.....  Used the phone all morning in Spain with no problems.  Landed in Instanbul and the phone began to reboot every 5 minutes or so.  Given that the tour takes 5 minutes to reboot, it was essentially unusable.  Found this forum, modified the GSM connectivity to 2G as suggested and I'm up and running again.  Too bad I had already performed a complete wipe of data on the phone, including removal of all my apps etc...  next time I think I'll google a bit more before I do something so drastic!



Re: BB Tour Rebooting While Traveling in Turkey

I had this issue in Spain recently.  A major pain.  Verizon global support people acted surprised like they were not aware of the issue.  Not likely.  I tried using 2G as suggested by forum members with some success, but only made a couple of calls before returning to US.  Verizon reps submitted a ticket and someone finally called me saying the device needed replacement.  Nice way to give the customer the run-around until they get around to fixing the real issue.  Whatever that is.  

Re: BB Tour Rebooting While Travelling in Turkey

Thank you for this advice.  Wish that I had read this before calling Verizon and going through all the steps.  2G is working like a charm. 


Verizon advised me that it was an equipment flaw. They sent a new BB tour to my home address in the US and told me to have someone Fedex it to Istanbul.  Four long, cell-phone-less days later, FedEx delivered an empty envelope and left me a number to call. 


Turns out that customs won't release the phone, since it came person to person. If Verizon had been able to send it to me directly, they would have released it, but since it was personal, they are holding it. 


Thankfully, the nice rep at global support reactivated my old SIM card, and all is well in 2G land. 


Word to the wise  - don't send cellphones to Turkey!