BB Tour (& Storm2) rebooting while travelling in Turkey - 2

There was a similar posting under a similar subject line.  I could not modify it so posting a new one.


I don't believe this is a phone problem.  In fact I had a similar issue on my Tour everytime I arrived at Istanbul, Ankara or any other southern cities of Turkey.  I was able to resolve by manually switching to Turkcell.  It seems as it was posted before, the issue also manually may be mitigated by switching to 2G on vodafone service.


Altough the issue repeats itself on Storm version 1 and version 2 phones as well.  I doubt it is a coincidence that this happens on EVERY bb phone that I bring to Turkey.  And that all of them are defective?


I would appreciate if Verizon could identify the problem and resolve it.  I also found out that the mail services are SIGNIFICANTLY interrupted under these conditions. 


Any advise, I would appreciate it.

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