BB Tour not retaining FB Login
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Hi.  I know it sounds frivilous, but I like accessing my Facebook account from my BB Tour and I don't like the **bleep** app.  I view Facebook as a web page using the Browser.


Since September, it's retained my login for FB.  Same with other forums and sites that require logins.  Suddenly, over the last 24 hours, it's stopped retaining the login. 


It asks for the password and login and then directs me to the site but it looks different.  I have to click on "home" to make it look like it did before. 


It's really annoying.  Does anyone know if this is a VZ issue, a BB issue, or a Facebook thing?

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More than likely this is not going to be a Verizon wireless issue because it deals with a social network. The problem could be within settings of the browser on the BB or an update that has occurred with the actual facebook website.