BB Z30 Backup Assistant Plus Troubleshooting

I recently transferred to a new phone - the BB Z30 from the Z10. I tried to use the Backup Assistant Plus but it is giving me an error of "We're sorry - we were unable your account. Please try again later". Can anyone help? I have never seen it actually work.

On the Contacts section online in myVerizon I show roughly 700 contacts but only about 180 on my phone.

Does anyone have suggestions about how to get contacts from MyVerizon (700) onto my new Blackberry (which only has about 180 contacts)?

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Re: BB Z30 Backup Assistant Plus Troubleshooting
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Congrats on your new pyhone sveeranarong. I know how important it is to ensure all your contacts are transferred to your new phone. Did you have the Backup Assistant app installed on your Z10? Does the app on your  BB Z30 show it listed as Backup Assistant Plus or Verizon Cloud?

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