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BB issues on new software.... resolved??

There has been known issues on the BB 5.something (from a few months back and I can't remember which software update it is) and it REALLY screwed my phone up, I have spent many many hours in the store and on the phone with them.  So I downgraded to the 4.7.161 again, and most have cleared up, except the fact that I can't play my music I purchased from V Cast (which was an issue right after I ungraded to the 5.0) so they had me backup everything on my computer and wiped my phone.  I re-installed, and the music still didn't play, everything else was fine, including my 3rd party apps.  Well, so they said it was an internal software issue and they sent me a new phone.   Ok, so I get the new phone and have everything moved to my phone that was backed up..... the music STILL does not play, AND to top it off, I am missing my 3rd party applications that I bought!!  THis is such a headache!!  So now the last rep told me to get a new 4gb card because the "license aquisition failed ....." or something like that, I don't remember exactly what it said.  Anyway, does anyone have a clue about the 3rd party app thing?  Is it stored in my phone.... or on my little card?  ANY help on this would be fabulous!!

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