BB9930 Unable to "Open" Email

Currently have access to my company's email via an Enterprise Account established. While emails continue to show up on my BB9930, for some reason I am unable to "open" emails so I can read the content, reply/reply all or forward; either via tapping on them or using the menu option. Interestingly, I am able to "Delete" them, and also am able to "open" calendar meetings. I HAVE NO ISSUES in receiving emails; my BB9930 is syncing up correctly with my corporate email account. ALSO, I can recieve/read/reply to Instant and Text Messages. I have gone through all Options that are available in my phone, thinking I might have pressed a particular option that "turned off" somehow my reading/reply/forward capabilities on emails, but no luck. Any help will be appreciated.

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Re: BB9930 Unable to "Open" Email
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Hi rhernand00:

Thanks for the detailed information about your issue! It sounds like your provisioning on the network end and on Blackberry's end is correct. We can determine this by the successful connection to the email server and the ability to receive calendar appointments.  If there were a problem on the network provisioning end, you wouldn't be able to set it up at all. There is likely a server setting that needs to be altered, and a call to you IT department may be necessary.

If you want to set up your Enterprise email connection from scratch, you would need to wipe the handheld first. Instructions to Wipe 9930.  If I were in your shoes, I'd give a call to your IT department first, and if they are unable to resolve it, try the wipe.

Let us know your results when you have the time.



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