BBCurve8530 Stuck on Permission Screen after Voicemail update

Tonight my phone was showing 2 voicemail icons--one accessed my voicemail, the other stated there was an I updated.  The permission screen came up "The application vvmlistener is attempting to access phone information." Allow/deny"  It is stuck on this, and all keys are unresponsive.  I have did a soft reset, a hard reset/battery pull, tried the desktop mananger (which cannot connect to the phone, so is therefore rendered useless)  If there is a way to fix this, I would appreciate the help.  If I have to go through losing rights to all 649 of my music files, losing my texts, etc. and have to download all my apps on a new phone, I think I will instead change carriers (after 10 years with Verizon), and I DEFINITELY will NOT get another BB!!!    THANKS SO MUCH FOR ANY HELP!

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