BIS 3.0 Upgrade Scheduled for North America: RIM Maintenance
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Get ready! BlackBerry Internet Service v2.8 upgrade to BlackBerry Internet Service v3.0 is around the corner.

Here are the maintenance notifications informing us when the upgrades will be taking place.
Dates and estimated downtimes are in.


  • There will be scheduled network maintenance by Research In Motion (RIM) affecting BIS customers between 0100 CT / 0200 EDT on March 28th and 0500 CT / 0600 EDT on March 28th.
  • Blackberry will be performing a BlackBerry Internet Service v2.8 upgrade to BlackBerry Internet Service v3.0
  • BlackBerry Internet Service subscribers may be unable to send or receive messages using their BlackBerry hosted email account or integrated third-party email accounts, view email attachments, activate email service, or request to see ""more"" text during the maintenance.
  • Wireless service providers and device resellers may be unable to create subscriber accounts or provision services for subscribers.
  • The estimated duration of impact is 4 hours and affects 100% of BIS customers.
The BlackBerry Internet Service is designed to provide subscribers with access to email messaging, instant messaging, Internet browsing, and more. BlackBerry Internet Service subscribers can receive automatic delivery of email messages for up to ten email accounts on their BlackBerry smartphones.

BlackBerry Internet Service 3.0 is the latest version of the BlackBerry Internet Service offered by Research In Motion.

Coming soon: Enhancements to Google Mail integrations
Google Mail Account to BlackBerry smartphone synchronization of read, unread and sent email message status for new Google Mail integrations
Note: this feature will be added throughout the Spring 2010 by region

Enhancements to the Google Mail Plug-in
Create and delete labels from the BlackBerry smartphone
Note: The Google Mail Plug-in requires BlackBerry® Device Software 4.5 or later and a Google Mail integration, using Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP), within BlackBerry Internet Service. 

Additional Language Support for Basque, Catalan, Galician, Romanian 

Increased Attachment Compatibility
OpenDocument Presentations (.odp)
OpenDocument Spreadsheets (.ods)
OpenDocument Text (.odt)
OpenDocument Text Templates (.ott)
Windows Media Audio (.wma)

Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (xHTML) Support for non Thick Clients
BlackBerry Internet Service 3.0 is designed to support xHTML for non Thick Clients, providing BlackBerry smartphone users with a richer user experience, allowing for buttons, additional fonts, and colour controls when subscribers access and toggle their user settings. 

Device Switch Revalidation 
Changes to optimize the email setup and deactivation experience when the subscriber switches BlackBerry smartphones or Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards.

Hosted Email Address Passwords
Allows BlackBerry smartphone users to re-claim the BlackBerry email address if their BlackBerry Internet Service account is ever deleted.
You can view the entire article from RIM using the link provided.
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