Back to Blackberry!
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Well, I said a few weeks ago that I was leaving Droids and returning to Blackberry. As of last week, I am again a happy BB Bold owner! The only thing different is that I started checking prices, and I ended up going with Sprint, and saving a lot of money. Their coverage is great where I live and travel, so that is not a problem. I was with VZW for several years with no complaints, but in these times it's all about the Benjamins! I still monitor these forums because there are a lot of knowledgeable and helpful people on here.


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Re: Back to Blackberry!
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It's great we have choices, so we can each pick what suits our needs. You're still welcome here anyway.


P.S. I couldn't WAIT to go back to BlackBerry from Android.


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Glad to have you back in the forums.  I moved up to the Bold a few months ago from my Tour and I love it.  Granted both devices look similar, but the Bold does so much more.  If I had to think of an analogy, it would be like moving up from a Cadillac to a Cadillac with the bull horns on the hood, LOL.  Let me know what you think about your Bold.


Ps:  Can't wait for 6.0 (officially, that is...)