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Backup Assistant Gone Forever?!

I have recently received a new phone, I still have the old one, just only works when it feels like it.  Regardless, I want to transfer over all of my contacts, stuff, etc., but am unable to as I have looked everywhere on the old phone for backup assistant. Not in Menu or the main screen or in Downloads or Applications. I have a Blackberry 9630 and that is what the new phone is as well, but does anyone know if I am able to get this back? Tried looking in Blackberry App World, but to no avail...unless I am missing it entirely. Please help! Don't want to do a third party if I don't have to for backup stuff unless it's legit! Thanks for any help! 



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Re: Backup Assistant Gone Forever?!

Same issues with a Blackberry OS 6 (with camera)  as listed above and can not forward the OLD phone and address book from the old phone; the old phone where the information is was a Samsung Omnia. Does anyone know how or what needs to be done to transfer or forward the OLD address and phone book information to the NEW phone, please.

Thanks. Lost needed info...many..!!!

Re: Backup Assistant Gone Forever?!



I understand you wish to transfer information such as contacts from your old device to your new Blackberry.  This can be done in a couple of different ways, but I will show you one easy way.  It is by using Blackberry Desktop Software, which can be downloaded from Blackberry at and is free.  I found a video from Blackberry which will tell you how to switch devices and carry over information to your new device. 





Hope this helps,