Backup Assistant again
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When I had my old flip-phone BUA was so reliable. It really is awful with the curve 8530. Yes, I do use other backups like the BB desktop and lookout, but like the BUA (when it works) being a visible record that can be printed and also transferred to my next phone.


I used to be able to edit online and have it sync with my phone. That sync button just goes and goes and then times out. Now, even though I have a schedule set up using the BB menu, it rarely even does the backup itself. I must do it from the phone manually - but at least that works.


So, Verizon, you have been admitting "problems" with BUA and the BB since I got it in May. What is happening and do you expect it to work eventually? It was such a superior app on the not-smart phone and I miss its dependability.

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Re: Backup Assistant again
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I find that Desktop Manager is easier to use. You can use it to switch all your setting to another BB.

Re: Backup Assistant again
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I back up with Desktop Manager too. Although you have to do it manually, it's quick and it works the way it's supposed to.